Skintones Are A Glory

The majesty of our faces without the subtle variations in skin pigmentation are enough to fascinate for a lifetime. Add the rich complexity of hues we are given at birth and human beings become the most vivid celebration of place on the planet. We bring our heritage with us in endless numbers of ways. The color of our skin is, to me, the most evocative and compelling tale of where we come from and who we are. Research shows that the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation our ancestors absorbed from the sun influenced the levels of melanins (pigment compounds) their bodies produced to either absorb or shield their DNA from both radiation damage and the benefits of vitamin D. Simple. Where we come from influences how we look. Over generations we pick up distinctives that we carry with us as an emblem of our story. The infinite variety of hues we wear on […]

“You are my inspiration for all the transformation that I bring about in the image & styling work that I do with my clients.”



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Founding members and Carla, Eric and Erin describe the experience of having your body signature analyzed.  Learn more about our story…

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