Recapturing a Childlike Wonder at How We Are Made

My 6 year old daughter Sierra, comes to my wife and I and presents what she is wearing and how she looks. She wants more than approval, she is seeking validation; for the choices she has made, yes, and she is looking for more, she wants to know that she is ok. The external validation supports and gives shape to how she thinks about herself. The Triumph of Individual Style is a book that speaks to us in this way. We are able to find ourselves in these pages; the works of art teach our eyes to see and believe that we are beautiful. Feeling beautiful and being Ok are often the same thing to a girl. If we are brought up in a home where this kind of external affirmation is non-existent we become alienated from our own bodies, we become split, our sense of self is diminished. The Triumph of Individual Style […]

“I cannot stop thinking about what Carla does and how transformational it is!! I am still glowing from my session with her last week. She is amazing!!!!”



    Sept. 10-12, 14-15 / Los Angeles, CA Train with world-renowned author and Master Stylist Carla Mathis. Whether you are just starting your new career or looking to deepen your understanding of color and style these 5 days of inspirational and highly technical training will challenge you personally and enhance your consultancy.  

    Monday August 10th at 2:00 - 3:00 PM PST (Los Angeles time) - Watch and learn as co-author of Triumph of Individual Style Carla Mathis demonstrates and answers your questions about chapter 3 from the book, on your body’s length proportions: how to discover and balance them. After enrolling, email us your photo at least 24 hours in advance of this webinar to get personalized advice about your body’s length proportions and how to balance them.  Get 40% off this and any other live webinar that you purchase as a bundle here.

    Fresh ideas and new looks from the comfort of your own home. It’s never been this easy and affordable to see your style potential. Simply send in your pictures, complete the online Essence Survey and your stylist will create looks tailored just for you in photoshop. Taking into consideration your Body Signature, personality, lifestyle and current goals the NEW YOU will amaze and inspire.  


Founding members and Carla, Eric and Erin describe the experience of having your body signature analyzed.  Learn more about our story…

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