A Reawakening: Learning to see myself in color

In the beginning my world was full of color. Fast-forward twenty-five years. Twenty-five years marked by illness, failures in my career, and losing loved ones. My world had turned gray, along with my wardrobe. I opened the door to my closet and was greeted by mourning blacks, confused charcoals, and depressed grays. On the top shelf, there was a colorful note… dark denim. I was wearing my misery. These drab colors kept me hidden in a crowd, unnoticed.

Then I met Carla. I had never even heard of image consulting, but after learning what it entailed from some friends, my curiosity brought me to her door. Carla took me through each step, highlighting how my clothing, hair, and make-up choices affected how others viewed me. She helped me to see the beauty I was hiding, and the potential my future could have, by simply wearing clothing that authentically communicated who I am.

As I started following her advice, I began to see color again, not just in my closet, but also in my life. Gone was the dark cloud of clothing, and in its place were joyful oranges, playful pinks, and refreshing turquoises. The first item I purchased after meeting with Carla was a tangerine colored cardigan. It was the remembrance of my true creativity. It was my first step in pushing away the gray. I went from hiding in a crowd to getting the attention for who I truly am, strong, artistic, and feminine. It is easier to face many different obstacles and trials now that I can look in the mirror and see myself, not just my shadow.

It has been several years since my reawakening. I have been so inspired, in turn I want to follow in Carla’s footsteps and bring image consulting to those who need to see their own true colors. When someone else affirms and reveals the beauty that exists within you, and teaches you how to reveal that beauty to other people, it is priceless. When I look in the mirror, I can see my potential, and in turn, I want to pay it forward. What a world it would be if we all could learn to see ourselves in our true colors?

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