We are privileged to give our time and resources to two wonderful organizations that are
helping people;  The Covenant House and iEmpathize.


Covenant House LA cares! They’ve been a safe place for youth ages 18-24 coming off the streets of Los Angeles for 25 years. The Style Core is proud to be partnering with the Covenant House to help these young adults see themselves as the precious and living works of art they are born to be.

Cov_logoAfter four evening sessions where the young people begin to connect how critically important Who They Are + How They Look is, to rise above their circumstances, we take them shopping— to create looks that reflect their true identity. This elevates getting dressed in the morning to an act of self determination, self expression, self love. It is, in part, what these youth need to put their lives together and get after their dreams.

Each kid get’s $100 dollars to spend on making themselves look right. Making it real in the stores means going on a shopping trip with an adult/guardian who cares. Having someone spend money communicates that they are loved and cared for in a way that nothing else can do. The joy of putting that perfect interview outfit together, creating a look that expresses a part of you that you’ve never had affirmed before is what our four weeks together is all about.  Clothing is the medium, love is the result.

Everyone of us is special. We are unique in so many ways its thrilling. Identity is a precious gift. Given to each of us at birth, it needs to be cultivated and affirmed! We need to be celebrated if we are to grow-up and become healthy adults able to give and receive love, contribute in meaningful ways in society and pursue our dreams without giving up. Giving up is easy to do if nobody cares.

The Process

Starting with selecting their favorite images and describing why they like them, these young adults identify deep personal preferences. What we are attracted to tells us a lot about ourselves. Beyond the joy of identifying what we love and why (Many of us were raised in homes where we were never given the pleasure of identifying our personal tastes), discovering that we’re describing ourselves when we describe our favorite things can be life-changing. Building on these personal motifs is the basis of our work as stylists.

After Identity, (human identity is integrated. We are body + soul + spirit.)— from magazines, everyone tears out ‘looks’ in clothing and accessories that are related to their “personal motifs”— Then it is time to shop!

If you would like to partner with us you can give directly to the kids spending spree by DONATING HERE.

This link has been set-up by the Covenant House to raise money specifically for the Style Core
“Get A Look, Make It Real” workshop. Donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be sent to you.

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Each year, a percentage of our profits are given to this movement of empathy to transform the lives of vulnerable and victimized children.

This organization began through the passion and journey of founder Brad Riley, and a small group of his close friends. Brad’s experience supporting people and communities struggling with vulnerability began in the early 1990s. In the mid 2000’s, his work in the U.S. led him to partner on several anti-trafficking projects in SE Asia with a number of individuals and service organizations. After visiting those projects and personally encountering child survivors of sexual exploitation, Brad returned to the United States committed to rallying others to join him in efforts to eradicate child exploitation. In 2009, he and a group of passionate people devoted their ideas, expertise, influence, time, services, artistry, and money to establish iEmpathize, an organization committed to impacting youth and empowering people with empathy and action.

With that culture of collaboration and empathy as a foundation, iEmpathize moves this mission forward with a host of creative partners, committed volunteers, and strategic partnerships.