Narmeen is a Level III Stylist with Style Core serving the greater Seattle region. Growing up as a child of immigrants (Pakistan) and having spent her life in both Baltimore and Seattle gave her the experience of growing up immersed in Pakistani culture but also living in a very Western world.

She had the benefit of being surrounded by clothes that were not only rich in color, but always the perfect fit. How? In Pakistani culture, the process of getting dressed is incredibly personalized. You don’t just go shopping – you go to the bazaar (marketplace) and purchase beautiful, unique fabrics that you take to the family tailor, resulting in clothes that are not only unique, but the perfect fit.

The experience of going to the bazaar and having a rich and personalized clothing experience was quite different from buying clothes at department stores or the mall, which she often did. She believes that no one should restrict themselves to the “Small/Medium/Large” categories. Instead, use that as your foundation and with a little help from a tailor and understanding your body; transform it into a well-fitted garment just for you. Similar to how no two bodies are alike neither should clothes.

She was also greatly influenced by the colors of Pakistani clothes growing up. Color carries so much meaning and can instantly influence how we look and feel, and she loves helping her clients experience that.

 There are so many ways to make clothes flatter your body when you know how!

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