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Skintones Are A Glory

The majesty of our faces without the subtle variations in skin pigmentation are enough to fascinate for a lifetime. Add the rich complexity of hues we are given at birth and human beings become the most vivid celebration of place on the planet. We bring our heritage with us in endless numbers of ways. The color of our skin is, to me, the most evocative and compelling tale of where we come from and who we are. Research shows that the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation our ancestors absorbed from the sun influenced the levels of melanins (pigment compounds) their bodies produced to either absorb or shield their DNA from both radiation damage and the benefits of vitamin D. Simple. Where we come from influences how we look. Over generations we pick up distinctives that we carry with us as an emblem of our story. The infinite variety of hues we wear on […]

How To Describe This Thing We Do

Calling what we do “styling” misses so much of the point. Style, whether it is strong or hodgepodge, is almost always thought to be about the surface. Tweaking and preening the details to make someone or something look “of the moment” or “better” than they really are. When it works, an essential truth about the person, place or thing is revealed. Style has resonance when it supports the identity of the one being styled. This is NOT what people think of when they think of styling. Rather than trying to redefine or expand the definition of styling, it might be more meaningful to hear from clients who have experienced the work. This serves two purposes; it toots our horn and personalizes the description. “My time with Carla was a transformational experience. Through a series of simple exercises, she helped me accurately identify and define my authentic self and gave me the tools to […]

Recapturing a Childlike Wonder at How We Are Made

My 6 year old daughter Sierra, comes to my wife and I and presents what she is wearing and how she looks. She wants more than approval, she is seeking validation; for the choices she has made, yes, and she is looking for more, she wants to know that she is ok. The external validation supports and gives shape to how she thinks about herself. The Triumph of Individual Style is a book that speaks to us in this way. We are able to find ourselves in these pages; the works of art teach our eyes to see and believe that we are beautiful. Feeling beautiful and being Ok are often the same thing to a girl. If we are brought up in a home where this kind of external affirmation is non-existent we become alienated from our own bodies, we become split, our sense of self is diminished. The Triumph of Individual Style […]

Living from the Center

Living from the center of who you are always leads to the most rewarding life. Locating the center, finding what’s essential about your identity, about what makes you special is not always easy. Very few of us are raised to cherish these discoveries. We all have them growing up; those moments when we connect with something in the created world, a sound, a fragrance, a way of putting things together that resonates down to our core. We need help capturing these moments, identifying and naming them as central to our existence. There is something about them that speaks to our reason for being, our calling, our destiny. The Style Core was created to help you gather these discoveries, reconnect with past moments of “Aha!”, learn how to identify what makes you special and never let go. Here’s a surprising exercise to help you touch your center. Create a Pinterest board […]