Find out how your image can transform your life, and the step-by-step path to take. 


This Masterclass is free but available to watch only for a limited time.

Are you 100% Happy with your Style? Is it...

  • Attracting the opportunities and connections you desire? 
  • Aligned with how you want to be perceived & your brand?
  • Authentic for you & your lifestyle?

If you can’t confidently say YES to all 3 watch this webinar before it comes down!

Hey friend, I'm Erin Mathis! For the last decade I have been helping people increase their confidence and opportunities through style coaching. 

But I know what it's like to feel clueless about style, and to have a low self-image. 

I knew nothing about crafting a deliberate first impression. My style strategy was haphazard at best. It didn't feel great, and I knew there had to be more.  

I was fortunate to meet and be mentored by an Industry leader, author and pioneer in the personal image field. Following the path of discovery I learned, I found my own "Million Dollar Look" and a new confidence that attracted opportunities and opened doors for me. After a decade of walking the same path with clients, I have refined the process and techniques.  

Want to know what I learned? I'll show you the 7-step path to your Million Dollar Look plus the 3 Elements that will make or break it.  

Watch this masterclass and get ready to discover some life changing possibilities.

Do you identify with any of these Style Types?

  • Quester: Always searching, always buying, and never satisfied  
  • Clueless: You want to work with what you’ve got but just don’t know how  
  • One-Look Wonder: You’ve found a look that works and you wear it all the time 
  • Miracle-Maker: Every now and then you look fabulous, but don’t know how to re-create it
  • Invisible: You try to blend in as much as possible and dress so as not to be noticed 

If you can relate to any of these, this masterclass is for you!

It's all about YOU...

  •  Feeling confident and free in your own style 
  •  Being recognized as the captivating person you are 
  •  Becoming magnet for new opportunities and success 
  •  Getting free of insecurity and doubt about your appearance & style 
  •  Being 100% clear with the story you are telling the world through your look  

So...are you in? Watch now! This is only available for a limited time.