MDL Online Style Coaching Program - pre enrollment period

A new path to discover and create style that builds your confidence and attracts the opportunities you desire

Get ready for...

  •  A New You Virtual Makeover to SEE your possibilities
  •  8 weeks of online style coaching sessions with Coach Erin Mathis & your style tribe
  •  Motivation, guidance and a strategy to create your Million Dollar Look. 

Join me on the path to satisfying style!

Enjoying the benefits of your Million Dollar Look is completely within your reach. Here is a chance to move quickly with me as your Style Coach and a supportive tribe. This program provides...

  • A 7-step path to gaining confident, attractive style 
  • Motivation + accountability to show up and take action 
  • A vision of what strategic style looks like for YOU 
  • New friends 
  • And more, detailed below!

What you get Inside

Private Coaching A private 30-minute discovery session with me 

8 Group Sessions 8 weekly 90-min online sessions with me, your Style Coach and tribe 

Virtual Makeover A New You Virtual Makeover (Hair & Makeup) and the step by step Guidemap to implement it

7-Step Path A 7-Step path to discover, develop and create your Million Dollar Look from hair & makeup to wardrobe

Expert Guidance Expert guidance for your “after” photo shoot on your best looks for hair, makeup & outfits and which local photographer to select  

Free Bonus Free bonus: Membership in a private FB group with your Style Coach & Tribe  

The 7-Step Path to Successful Style 

During 8 live sessions, you will receive personalized coaching to learn and apply each of these foundational steps to create your Million Dollar Look. 

  • My Authentic Identity & Style Archetype 
  • My Color Palette 
  • My Body Type & best fabrics 
  • My Body Shape & most flattering styles 
  • My Face / Body Scale & best accessories 
  • My Hair, Makeup & Grooming  
  • My Outfits  

Leave behind confusion, frustration about style decisions & isolation as you walk through a guided, time-tested process with your Style Coach and Tribe (up to 15 women) on this journey together. 

Client Testimonials

“More than anything I feel empowered and informed on how to present myself professionally in a way that communicates my personality while supporting my credibility as a serious business owner. Erin has such a gentle approach that lets you warm to and open up slowly, making the process and feedback so safe and comfortable. This is huge for me, I don’t do overly enthusiastic or peppy-cutesy; this is a real women no BS looking to guide and support you.” 

- Yolanda 

“Erin has helped me create polished, professional style for my role as an organizational executive and public speaker—a style that still speaks of who I am. From my hairstyle, to makeup techniques, and wardrobe...she has been incredibly helpful. I regularly get compliments on my style, but more importantly, her coaching has given me greater confidence in my self image. I am so thankful to have Erin as my Style coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

- Stefanie 

After experiencing the Virtual Makeover: “It was exciting to see what I COULD look like without doing anything extreme. Everything was doable and realistic! I also had an ah-ha moment, recognizing why some of my then choices weren't working as well. I immediately went to work on my makeup and hair. Easy and noticeable. I have kept my virtual makeover and have looked at it a few times over the years for reference. It always brings home to me how much easier it is to tweak others' appearances, and why a lookbook (or Instagram) is so important!  

 - Kelley, Instagram Influencer @the_beautyloungeblog 

“I was so frustrated with my lack of style after my body changed, and didn't know how to dress to flatter. Single at the time, I wasn't getting good prospects with online dating. Erin first helped me shop my own closet to put together outfits I wouldn't have even thought of, and then she guided me toward flattering styles and stores to fit my budget. She helped me with makeup techniques and hair styling as well. My new style helped boost my new photos brought in many more online dating prospects! I'm now happily engaged to a wonderful man and continuing to develop my style.” 

- Sarah 

How it Works

  • First, have your discovery session with me to explore your style archetype, goals and challenges
  • Next I’ll get to work on your New You Virtual Makeover & Guidemap
  • Online small group coaching Sessions will be held weekly at a set day and time for 8 weeks, over a 2 month period.
  • Each session will focus on 1 of the 7 Steps 
  • Send your photo in advance for personalized advice about the concept being covered that week
  • 60-90 minutes, with 15 members max per group
  • If you have to miss some of the live sessions, no worries! You can still send photos for personalized feedback and watch the recording later. 

Enroll with friends to get BUDDY DEALS ($200-$450 off!)

  • Enroll with 1 buddy and save $100 each ($200 savings)
  • Enroll with 2 buddies and save $150 each ($450 savings) 

Do you relate with any of these statements?

  • I am ready to be an influencer and make a greater impact
  • I would like my style to help me attract success and attain my goals
  • I’m feeling drab and uninspired by my current look
  • I could use some fresh inspiration and motivation to uplevel my style
  • I’m stuck in a rut with my hair …and/or… makeup …and/or… wardrobe 
  • Getting ready for the day is frustrating and discouraging because my wardrobe is not working for me 
  • I need help with my style! 

If you answered YES to any of these, this is for YOU!

Q & A

What if I can’t make all of the coaching sessions? If you have to miss a few of the sessions, no worries. You can still send photos for personalized feedback and watch the recording later.

Who is this program for? Women who are ready to up-level their style, gain confidence, and attract better opportunities. This program is designed specifically for women’s style. 

How many women will be in the group coaching sessions? Up to 15 women per session. Since not everyone will be able to make every session, it's likely there will be 10 women on average at the live sessions.  

Do you offer a payment plan with installments? At checkout you can select Paypal and choose Paypal Credit. Answer 2 quick questions, accept the terms and get an approval decision within seconds. No payments + no interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.  

When does this program begin, and how long do I have to enroll. The next session will begin in May 2019. Click below to add your email to list and be informed when the enrollment period begins. 

I can’t do the full program due to schedule or other limitations, but I need style help. What are my options? Get a Virtual Makeover! For hair and makeup ideas, get the New You VM. For outfits and multiple hairstyles, consider The Possibilities or Dream Big Virtual Makeovers which include links to shop the outfits in your sizes. Click on one of the graphics below to see details for these options.