Skintones Are A Glory

The majesty of our faces without the subtle variations in skin pigmentation are enough to fascinate for a lifetime. Add the rich complexity of hues we are given at birth and human beings become the most vivid celebration of place on the planet. We bring our heritage with us in endless numbers of ways. The color of our skin is, to me, the most evocative and compelling tale of where we come from and who we are.

Research shows that the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation our ancestors absorbed from the sun influenced the levels of melanins (pigment compounds) their bodies produced to either absorb or shield their DNA from both radiation damage and the benefits of vitamin D. Simple. Where we come from influences how we look.

Over generations we pick up distinctives that we carry with us as an emblem of our story. The infinite variety of hues we wear on our face and body are a glory worthy of continuous celebration. We are all so beautiful. One look at any of the faces in this collage and we instantly start imagining where they came from, we begin constructing a narrative that places them in some mysterious half-known part of the world. It takes meeting one another and sharing our heritage, our birth story and journey to begin filling out the picture.

This collage of faces inspires me. The beauty of these individuals, when seen together, creates a kaleidoscope of pigment and place, identity and heritage that moves me beyond words.

There is only one race on the face of the planet, the human race.

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Image credits: [row one] Jourdan Dunn photographed by David Slijper for dazed&confused march 2008, via travelinghost. Regal!, pinned from Black Models by Claudine Brown, © Joana Choumali. Vijay Singh, 10. Black and happy baby boy in his natural dark skin, Dark Skin, Corry van der Pluijm, pinned from [row two] Rick Mora,, pinned from Beautiful Egyptian Woman, Nepali Girl in Traditional Dress, Beautiful Indian Baby, Eskimo Woman, pinned from America’s First People, Darlene Engebretsen, [row three] Kourosh Sadeghi, Asian Hair Styles, pinned from, Red Haired Baby,, photo © Mensyn. Daughter, pinned from, photo © Tara Twigger. Would You Date An Albino Person,, foxylady.
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  1. Pelkonen Nina
    Pelkonen Nina says:

    Dear Erin,
    your fotos are so georgeus. I love to look at them. And i can feel the diversity of human beeing. It is a great gift.
    Thanks a lot .
    All the best for you

  2. Eric Mathis
    Eric Mathis says:

    Hi Tara, your daughter is lovely. Her fair hair and skin with those Icelandic blue eyes, incredible. Way to go mom and dad, you made a beauty ; )


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