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You get a 90-page Style I workbook full of the best guidance on all the topics you need to become a Style expert. Each topic of study has corresponding images that illustrate the principles using real world examples. The images are provided on CD, but both the workbook and images are available online for digital download if you prefer to keep your course electronically on your smartpad or computer.

You have the option to enroll in the full course Style I + Color I, OR enroll in Style I Only for half the cost. Following completion of Style I you will be eligible to enroll in the Color I which comes with tools and another 60-page workbook. If you prefer to take only the Color I course, that is an option too. Most of our students begin with Style I, and follow with Color I.

The Foundational Book

Co-authored by your instructor Carla Mathis – one of 10 Certified Image Masters worldwide, The Triumph of Individual Style will be your bible and the foundation of this course. Provided as an electronic book to download on your smartpad or read on computer, The Triumph is a vital tool for understanding body types, color and personal style. In addition to being known as the “bible” of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools across the country.

Free Webinars

With enrollment in the DL program you’ll get an all-access pass to our live and recorded webinars. Choose from a menu of 20+ in our educational library covering a range of topics that will build your expertise as a personal stylist. Also, simply RSVP to join live webinars when they are offered. *Excludes webinars hosted by other providers.

Your Assignments

First, you will read about a concept in your workbook, and look at the corresponding images provided which illustrate each concept. For each concept you will be given an assignment with instructions to find photos/images that demonstrate these principles. It’s easiest to find images online, paste to a separate document then type in your notes. Or you can print out images,  make notes by hand and scan and email the completed assignment. Your instructor will review and email back with approval, revisions needed, and any comments. 40 hrs is the average time to complete Style I and Color I, but it varies for each student.

Color I Tools

A benefit to taking this Distance Learning (DL) course, besides getting started right away from the convenience of your home – is that the DL course includes the tools that the live course does not (though they are available for practice and purchase at the live courses). If you enroll in the full distance learning course including Style & Color I you will receive your color analysis tools including the Essential Master Color Set and the TVR Selector as part of your learning package. You will be guided through learning all about color and analysis with clients.

Client Guidebooks

You’ll receive 3 copies of his beautifully designed 7-page guide designed by Carla Mathis, and used by Personal Stylists around the world to lead clients through an image consultation, featuring illustrations and examples. After the consultation, the client takes home the customized guide to refer to as they apply the principles learned about their Body Signature. This will become an essential tool in your kit!

Practice Consultations

Your final assignment for each course will be to apply what you have learned to practice and record consultations with friends, family & volunteer clients. You’ll send in the audio for helpful feedback from your instructor.

50% Onsite Course Discount

If you find yourself struggling to complete the course on your own and decide that onsite learning will be best for you, we offer 50% off to our Distance Learning students who want to come take the same course in Los Angeles. A number of our students have gone this route for the advantage of getting all the tools included with their course and starting right away from home.

AICI – Industry Credentials

This course provides you with the knowledge needed to test for First Level Certification through AICI as an Image Consultant. You can learn more about the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), the largest and worldwide association for Image Consultants & Personal Stylists, at

All this is available for you now. To start your training, enroll online here. It will be our privilege to help facilitate your training and success through our institute!





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