The Body Signature System is a complete consultation solution for Personal Stylist and Image Professionals to use with clients. Using the Essential, Professional or Complete Master Color Set and companion Clothing & Style Guide, Certified Personal Stylists identify their client’s Body Signature. A custom color palette is designed and ordered for delivery within one week to the address you designate. Clients are walked step by step through understanding their Body Signature, and how to dress to support it, then can take their personalized Clothing & Style Guide home for further reference to these life changing discoveries.

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Learn about the Master Color Sets and tools to analyze and give your clients a highly customized color palette.

Choose from a variety of guidebooks to lead your clients (both women and men) through clothing, color and style consultations.

Design and order custom palettes for your clients, and have them shipped directly to the address of your choice.


The Essential Master Color Set is made up of 16 coordinated color palettes – each color palette contains 8-10 color strips with 5-6 color swatches per strip. This color system is based on common natural coloration patterns, but is unique in that each palette is customizable to individual personalities.

This System is Ideal for:

• Groups and settings where time is limited color palettes can be administered and taught quickly (15-30 min. per person)

• The cost-conscious client

• Stylists who are just starting out–it is easy-to-use and effective

• Also available in deeper in value, and stronger intensity colors to relate to your male clients and also to cultures that typically use cooler colors (Often found in cooler climates); As a full set or simply inserts to add to this set.



The Complete Master Color Set

No other system available provides such individualized and easy to use color systems separated into color resonance so you will find the perfect, unique colors for your clients.

The Level III Master Color Set is made up of 384 color wands with 2-6 color swatches in each hue range. 1,370 colors are organized into 12 easy-to-use categories contained within 25 color fans. Using the entire color wheel, each color hue group is divided into resonances ranging from light to dark: Saturated, Washed, Tinted with white, Shaded with black, Toasted with brown, Muted with greys and compliments, Warm neutrals, Cool neutrals, Pastels & shirting, Metals, and a wide range of neutralized colors that include hair, skin, and eye hues.

These categories are organized within 25 clearly labeled fans and fit neatly into four stackable 6″x 6″x 1.75″ acrylic trays.

This System is Ideal for:

• In-depth individual analysis and Full-service consultation

• Experienced Image Professionals



TVR (Temperature Value Resonance) Selector 

 TVR Selectors will help you quickly determine the temperature, value and resonance for your Level I, II and III consultations. The TVR Selector is made up of (7) 2″ X 14″ heavy acrylic strips which display fabric swatches grouped in cool, warm, saturated, tinted, muted, toasted, and shaded ranges. TVR’s eliminate the need for bulky drapes and make accurate color typing quick and easy.



1. Select Temperature, Value & Resonance TVR
2. Design the custom palettepalette

Easily order your custom palettes online and indicate where you would like them shipped.



Choose from a selection of beautifully designed Clothing & Style Guidebooks to walk your female or male client through their body signature and best styles- including illustrations and examples. With fill-in-the-blanks and visual examples to choose from, Personal Stylists can quickly and expertly guide clients through this focused and empowering consultation. After the consultation, the client takes home the completed guide to refer to as they apply the principles learned about their Body Signature.





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