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Welcome to our community. We celebrate you, and are all about empowering you to embrace your unique identity, and while you’re at it…express it through style. The world needs to see YOU and we’re here to help you figure out just what is so special about you…and then SHOW it. Living from the center of who you are always leads to the most rewarding life.

Every decision you make is a reflection of who you are. Your identity is central to your satisfaction. You cannot be overlooked.

Visual IDentity Analysis (VIDA) is the art + science of describing who you are and how you look using the universal language of design. Living the VIDA lifestyle is about paying attention to yourself and others in a new way. Here’s how it works;

Step 1 – Select your favorites.

When you identify your favorites and describe why you like them you are describing yourself.


This connection between ourselves and our favorites is remarkable. When Abby talks about the playful elegance of the roman figure drawing or the profusion of color in a favorite bouquet she is touching on qualities that all who know her enjoy about their friend. Abby is playful and elegant at the same time. She is filled with a profusion of colorful ideas every waking moment of the day! Knowing that your aesthetic choices are this intimately connected to your identity is an empowering place to begin.

Step 2 – Analysis

We analyze the design elements that create your unique VIDA Signature

By looking closely at over 100 features on your face and 35 more on your body your unique VIDA Signature is revealed.

Step 3 – Exploration

We explore the visual relationship between you and your favorites.


The affirming power of making this connection, of seeing yourself and your favorites in this new way cannot be underestimated. You know yourself and what is good for you far better than you may have been taught or led to believe!

Step 4 – Expand

We’ll guide you to expand your favorites into every area of life.


Starting with your wardrobe (Getting dressed in the morning is your first chance to express something true and essential about who you are), we make sure that your closet is only filled with clothes and accessories that are favs, that reflect your identity, that tell your story.

You are given the tools and enriched self-perception to make creative choices about what sofa to buy for your living room, color scheme for your bedroom, new bicycle…its endless. Everything you own becomes a deeply affirming expression of your identity. When people compliment how you look & live they are complimenting you at the deepest level.


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