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Making sure you have the support you need is what the Stylist Network is all about. Joining the Stylist Network is free, and optional to graduates of our foundational courses (with at least 3 days of training).

Whether you are just launching your career or looking for additional training and inspiration, your next steps are important ones. Let us know how we can help you. See the topics below and follow the links to find real solutions.


Check out the benefits you will gain within the Stylist Network…

Stylist Network Members receive product discounts including;find-a-stylist-preview

  • 10% off Master Color Sets
  • 10% off training courses after completing the Level I Essential
  • 20% off all Consultation Guides
  • Your photo & bio on the Style Core Find a Stylist listing to gain new client referrals from clients near you
  • Easily order more products, and custom client palettes online. Just sign in with your Stylist login and password
  • Send us a press release, press clipping, or success story to publish in the Style Core e-newsletter for publicity to over 2000 recipients worldwide.

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