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5 Beauty Secrets to looking 5-10 years younger in Midlife and Beyond

I don’t know about you, but in my late 40’s, I still like looking youthful and fresh, and am happy to use any reasonable technique to make that happen. Most women I talk to feel the same. So if you can relate, keep reading for my TOP 5 beauty tips when it comes to hair and makeup. As a style coach I work with women all around the world to help them feel confident, beautiful and find their “Million Dollar Look.” Especially those who are in midlife and beyond…the years when we experience changes in our body, hair, skin and in life. In this post I’m sharing my best secrets with you. Applying these tips can make a huge impact on your appearance & give you a big boost in your confidence. I’m not kidding when I say these techniques can make you look 5-10 years younger. When I am applying them, people are regularly […]

“Honestly, the more I do this work, the more I count my blessings that I have the tools to really help my clients develop an individual style from scratch.”

Rebecca, Style Core Trained Personal Stylist


    Would you like some inspiration for a fresh look? How would you like to have a Personal Stylist wave a "magic wand" to show you exactly how you might look with the most flattering hairstyle (suited for YOUR unique hair type) and easy to learn make-up tips that will help you LOOK & FEEL fantastic? If this sounds good to you, read on! If you are feeling a little (or a lot) too dowdy, dated, stuck in a rut...if you would like an infusion of confidence...ideas for how to present your best self...or maybe you are just tired of your current look & need ideas, you have come to the right place! All you need to do is email a photo along with answers to short survey, and soon you'll receive your "Before & After" makeover reveal with guidelines & tips to apply it at home. This is not a formulaic app that will modify your facial structure or paste pre-designed hair and makeup packages onto you. YOU are unique and deserve individualized attention from your own personal stylist to show you possibilities customized directly onto your photo in a realistic fashion. This service shows you new possibilities and guides you on the path to applying it yourself...from virtual, to reality. You might be surprised at the favor and possibilities that come to you when you face the day with greater confidence & present the new YOU to the world. I'd love to help you do that!  
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    The Triumph of Individual Style is known as the "bible" of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools across the country. Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, has been changing lives one body at a time for 30 years. By pioneering and teaching the use of design as a powerful therapeutic tool, Carla has helped thousands of people worldwide learn to appreciate their bodies and achieve new levels of self-acceptance.  
    For group or in depth individual study, The Instructor's Guide for The Triumph of Individual Style was developed by the authors takes you step by step throughout the book with classroom exercises, discussion questions and additional study assignments. Every concept is explained in depth. Now FREE with the purchase of the Instructors Guide Digital book, you will receive The Triumph of Individual Style (digital book). Both are downloadable PDF's.


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