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How to Choose Outfits with Ease and Win the Mornings!

Do you feel overwhelmed when facing your closet and selecting an outfit to wear? Do you waste time trying on multiple outfits before you find one that feels right? A lot of people struggle with this. And trust me, I’ve been there too. It makes getting ready a daily source of stress…one that we’d rather live without. Can I get an Amen?! If you’re not a morning person, waking up is challenge enough, let alone facing the daily decision of what to wear. Before I discovered what I’m about to share with you, I faced many mornings of groggily staring at my closet paralyzed as I tried to figure out what I would put on my body. Often, nothing felt quite right, and it was way to early to get creative about which outfits fit the occasion and season, that I didn’t already wear in the last few days. I’m going […]

“You are my inspiration for all the transformation that I bring about in the image & styling work that I do with my clients.”



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    Feb 11-17, 2020 in Sacramento, CA. This in-depth 6-day course is for image professionals who are dedicated to offering the highest level of service. The instructor is renown instructor, Certified Image Master and Triumph of Individual Style co-author Carla Mathis. Along with the study of advanced color & style analysis, the psychology of style, and client techniques—you will learn how identity and personality define true personal image.
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    Feb 10, 2020 in Sacramento, CA. Attend this 1-day course to discover the 12 Men's style personalities, how to speak effectively with men, how to work with distinctive features, best fabrics for different body types, critical points for good fit, and much more. This training is designed for junior and advanced image consultants, but also for people who work in a fashion industry, as fashion consultant, tailor, designer of men’s clothing etc. If you would like to learn the essentials for guiding men professionally and confidently, don't miss this 7 hour course with expert Carla Mathis. (.7 AICI CEU's)
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    The Triumph of Individual Style is known as the "bible" of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools across the country. Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, has been changing lives one body at a time for 30 years. By pioneering and teaching the use of design as a powerful therapeutic tool, Carla has helped thousands of people worldwide learn to appreciate their bodies and achieve new levels of self-acceptance.  


Founding members and Carla, Eric and Erin describe the experience of having your body signature analyzed.  Learn more about our story…

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