The Style Core Institute has equipped thousands worldwide in the field of Personal Style and Image Consulting. For over 30 years, author and Image Master Carla Mathis has taught certified courses – training many who have gone on to become top image consultants & personal stylists in their countries. Whether you are just starting your new career or looking to deepen your training, we have many options for you; from 1-hour webinars (watch any time, anywhere and as often as you like), in-studio courses from 1-6 days, and distance learning courses.


Our core approach and what makes us different from other programs

Guiding clients to express themselves in every creative choice is our life’s mission. At The Style Core Institute you will learn how to help people make this connection using revolutionary Visual IDentity AnalysisVIDA Styling is the art + science of connecting women and men with their unique identity. Based on 30 years of research and over 10,000 client consultation Carla’s groundbreaking approach to identity analysis has changed the field of image consulting.


Designed to appeal to every learning style, our courses will take you on a journey of self discovery. As you learn to apply VIDA’s integrated approach to identity and self-expression yourself will you be able to guide clients in this transformative process. Every course is taught by master teacher Carla Mathis. Following a simple and powerful 3-step progression you will learn the concepts, apply it to yourself, and guide others to apply it in their lives.

CM_teaching2013The foundational Essential Personal Stylist training is available in San Francisco, California (3.5 CEU’s), and also as a Distance Learning Course (8 CEU’s). During this course you will learn to Color Sensitivity & Color Analysis Techniques, Body Signature Analysis, Wardrobe Refinement, Closet Analysis & Personal Shopping, and how to market your services as a personal stylist.  Through case studies and hands-on training, you will become fully equipped to use the Essential Master Color Set, TVR (Temperature-Value-Resonance) Selectors, and the Essential Clothing and Style Guides with your clients.

“This is a foundational & intensive course – not simple formula’s that put people in limiting boxes. You will learn the science of personal image, how to SEE, use your intuition, and how to speak the language of affirmation. Many who have trained with other programs find this to be more comprehensive and an added value to previous training.”

The Essential course is enough to start your career. However, if you want to go even deeper, after completing the Essential Course you will be fully equipped to advance to the 6-day Complete course (4.2 CEU’s). Along with the study of advanced color & style analysis, the psychology of style, and client techniques—you will learn how identity and personality define true personal image. This in-depth course is for professionals who are dedicated to offering high level services as an expert in the field.


Upon graduating any of these courses, you will be a Certified Personal Stylist and can access all the benefits of our worldwide Stylist Network (no cost to join), including a profile page on our website Stylist search. As a Network member, you’ll get discounts on professional stylist tools as well.

Distance Learning

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Onsite Courses

Our onsite courses take place in Sacramento, CA several times throughout the year.

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The Instructor



When Carla was in her early 20s, she found her passion in color, image and design. After being introduced to the personal color concept by the founder of the color industry, Suzanne Caygill, Carla began to study with Suzanne and for the next few years became her primary assistant and teacher.

In 1981, Carla Mathis founded ColorStyle, Inc. and pioneered the development of the ColorStyle individual design analysis, known worldwide for its innovative approach to color and style. Carla also founded the ColorStyle Institute to train image consultants worldwide in her revolutionary techniques. In 1993 Carla’s work was published in her book The Triumph of Individual Style, co-authored with Helen Conner. In addition to being known as the “bible” of the image industry and used as a textbook at Cornell, the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and design schools accross the country, The Triumph of Individual Style, teaches how to see our bodies as works of art. Once we have identified our Body Signature – the line, shape, proportion, scale, color and texture of our bodies – we are free to express ourselves in clothing, accessories and pinstr2ersonal environments in ways that transcend fashion and create lasting impressions of personal wholeness and incomparable style.

In 2005, Carla and her growing team launched Body Beautiful – Now The Style Core and a comprehensive system for stylists and image professionals. Through ColorStyle and now the Style Core Institute, Carla has trained the world’s top image consultants for the past 30+ years and continues in this work. Style Core trained personal stylists are currently working in over 17 countries around the world.

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