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Q: What is a Custom Palette?
A: Each individual has inherent colors in their body, skin, hair and eyes. Analyzing this, plus temperature and resonance combined with personality, intensity, voice, energy, and walk; a custom color palette can be created that best supports this individual’s style. Custom palettes range from the Essential: 8-10 strips with 5-6 swatches per strip …to the Complete: 16-22 individualized wands containing nearly 100 colors, depending upon which master color set is being used to design the custom palette.

Q: How can I get my own customized palette?
A: You can have your palette designed by Carla Mathis in the Essential, Professional or Complete Consultation. Or you can find a Personal Stylist who has been trained by Carla and The Style Core at our online Global Stylist Search.

Q: I own a master color set but am not sure how to order a custom palette using this site.
A: Here are the instructions:

Go to the top menu of this site and click on the icon titled “ORDER PALETTE” or click here.


After login, you will find instructions on each page for every step of ordering. Please take time to read and follow these instructions. When you reach the payment and shipping info page, make sure that the “Ship to” Name matches the address for shipping.

Q: I want to provide custom palette design as a pro stylist / Image Consultant. Why should I choose the Style Core master color sets?
A: Here is an overview of The Style Core Color System benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Beautifully designed
  • Quality support materials including 3 levels of Clothing & Style
  • Guides and a range of other specific Consultation Guides to use with your clients
  • Fast turn around time for getting your clients’ custom palette
  • Career support through the Stylist Network

Learn more here.

Q:What is the difference between the Style Core system and other competitive systems in the marketplace?
A: The Style Core system is so successful because the color swatches have been organized into resonance, value and temperature. You can quickly determine which resonance supports your client and which resonances do not so it reduces your consultation time by at least half. You may want to view these 1-hour webinars to see how the different master color sets are used.

However, there are other systems available.

Other color systems use fabrics swatches. Some use single samples and others have them organized on fans. The main difference between them and the Style Core system is that the samples are arranged in hues, but not arranged in any resonance and value, so you have to go through each one of the 3000 samples, or multiple paddles, with a client. These systems can be difficult to manipulate and time-consuming to use.

Many times the size of fabric on the fans varies. You need to choose what the best final product will be for you and your client. Creating a fan that will easily fit into a purse is preferable.

Paper palettes are less expensive than fabric palettes. However, because of the difficulty in printing accurate and varied color choices, the colors on the paper are hard to find in clothing fabrics. Texture effects the hue and fabric palettes will always give a more accurate sample of what you can find in stores.

Draping is effective for demonstration in large groups. However, in one-on-one personal consultations, draping is cumbersome to use, takes a lot of space to store and display and there is a limited number of colors and fabric choices.

All color systems require you to purchase a Master Set to use with your clients and then purchase a client set that is sent to you or your client directly.

Q: How much does it cost to order a client palette?
A: The Level I client palette ordered without any changes is a $58 flat rate, which includes both cover strip and case. Level II and III custom client palettes are priced based on number of color swatches per strip. Following is a breakdown of the pricing:

1-3 swatches: $4.52
4 swatches: $4.80
5 swatches: $5.09
6 swatches: $5.37
Cover strip label: $2.83
Palette case: $2.00

Since the consultant chooses the amount of paddles for a customized Essential (Level I), Professional (Level II) or Complete (Level III) or a combination of all three, the price will vary. An average palette has between 18 – 20 strips.

Q: I have not trained with The Style Core or Carla Mathis, can I still purchase your products?
A: Yes, but to use our system most effectively you will want to get training. Check out the training dates for upcoming classes. You can also request an individual study.

Q: I am an experienced Image Consultant with color training, but haven’t trained with the Style Core. Which system should I choose?
A: This depends upon what type of consulting you provide. Do you give pre-packaged, simplified color analysis, do you work with corporate clients, is your primary target the individual color analysis, or do you do all three?

If you are working with pre-packaged systems and want a fabric solution that will support more client coloration and variation, the Level I Essential is your answer.

Many consultants buy two of the Level I Master Color Sets. One to have as the Master Set and one to give to the client so they can take it away the same day as their consultation. If you choose to have one set, you will order the selected set which is shipped in 2-3 days.

If you work primarily with corporate clients, you might choose Level I Essential for middle management and support staff (for speed and budget considerations) and Level III Complete for upper management and executives in a one-on-one setting. You can choose to use the Level I Essential or Level II Professional Clothing & Style Guides for your corporate clients.

If you work with individual clients and want a system to support their coloring and their personality, the Level III Complete is the solution. This system provides every possible color choice along with a 50-page Clothing & Style Guide with detailed color and style information you customize with your client as you guide them through it.

Many consultants purchase one set of each system to use for all possible consultation situations.

Q: I am not in the United States, and am concerned about shipping times and cost, how can I make these systems work for me?
A: Start by setting your customer’s expections that these are a highly customized system, hand assembled in the USA. You can then wait to order a few sets at once, perhaps every few months if you are designing a lot of these, to help cut down on shipping costs.

However, in my experience, having a period of time between the original consultation and the time they come to pick up the palette they have ordered, can have benefits. Your client is likely to have questions you can answer and you can sell additional services at that time.

In the meantime, you can photograph the designed palette from your master color set so your client can have it while they wait. Here is an example;


Q: How long does it take to get the Master Set and client palettes once I order them?
A: Master sets will be assembled upon ordering, and shipped within 1-2 weeks after you place your order. Once you submit your custom palette order, the palette is sent within 2-5 business days.

Q: Can I put my company name on the Color System?
A: Yes.


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