The Anatomy Principal






This is how we live, how we create, how we organize our thoughts and populate our world.

The Anatomy Principal animates our existence. Let’s take a closer look.

There are seven design signatures we use at The Style Core to analyze the visual world:
Line, Shape, Form, Proportion, Scale, Color and Texture. Shape and Line are used here for quick illustration.

NormanFoster shape_line

Norman’s face is constructed predominantly of oval shapes and curved lines.

Norman’s buildings and bridges share a similar predominance of ovals and curved lines.

Foster buildings shape_line

Rem’s face, on the other hand, is constructed predominantly of triangles, trapezoids and polygonal shapes with straight lines.

RemKoolhaas shape_line

Koolhaas buildings shape_line

Discovery of the Anatomy Principal radically altered
our styling and design practice.

Once a person, a stylist, a designer, an architect sees the connection between their body or more importantly, their client’s body and their work, everything clarifies and becomes more integrated. A person’s identity is literally imbedded in their body. For established architects, as in our examples above, their work is attractive to potential clients who have body’s that share similar design signatures. The architect designs a building that satisfies them and their client is usually satisfied ; ) For a personal stylist or decorator, creating looks that celebrate their client is paramount. The client will be the one living in those clothes or that environment. What you are creating is intended to SIGNIFY THEM not you. It becomes absolutely crucial that the client’s design signatures be identified and honored or else you will be projecting your design signatures and identity onto them. This happens all the time. The look may be interesting, but its not affirming the identity of the client and therefore will not be deeply satisfying to them and will often be discarded or set aside relatively quickly.

To learn more about how the Anatomy Principal is influencing your life and practice and to have your body analyzed visit VIDA Styling and schedule a consultation.

* The illustrations above touch on only a few of the more than 100 features analyzed on the human face. 35 additional features are analyzed on the body to reveal a complete VIDA Signature.